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Antigua, Passed away January 24th 2006

Those of us fortunate enough to have met Desmond remember him as a man of gentle charm and a fun-loving spirit. He was a perfect example of one who did not let PNH keep him from living his life to the fullest. An avid historian, he spent the latter part of his life recording the history of Antigua, where he lived. He created the website www.antiguamuseums.org to make the history of Antigua available to people everywhere online. His wife of 49 years, Lisa, reported that at Desmond's Celebration of Life, "all the family came, as well as many, many friends and associates here in Antigua from the Prime Minister right down to the local druggie. It was an all afternoon and into the evening affair, from the service in church, to the burial ground and then on to the Dockyard where there was a flag-lowering ceremony called The Beating of the Retreat, followed by a gathering for food and tributes. What a day! The outpouring of expressions of love and respect and admiration for Desmond then and even up to now has been amazing and so heartwarming." We miss Desmond, but are so grateful to have had the opportunity to know this remarkable man.

Robert Ryan Bisher

Bob Bisher was diagnosed with PNH in January of 2005. After a successful stem cell transplant a year later, Bob passed away in July 2006. Throughout his battle with PNH, Bob displayed incredible strength and courage. Bob was excited about being cured and having the privilege of helping others combat the disease he so bravely fought.

Bob touched many lives and experienced so much during his short life. He was an accomplished pilot, an avid fisherman, and a truly wonderful friend to so many people. Bob will always be remembered for his infectiously positive attitude, contagious laugh, spontaneity, and a great sense of humor. Every day of Bob's life was an adventure. Bob left this world, but not the hearts of those who love him. We will never forget him and we will continue to strive for a PNH cure in his honor.

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