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Brittany, a 19-year-old from New Hampshire, was “the kind of person who was always smiling and laughing, loud and exuberant. Once you met her, you never forgot her," according to a friend. Brittany loved art, music, and water skiing. She was part of a large and loving family who miss her terribly. She was 15 when she was diagnosed with PNH. Her mother described Brittany as “very stubborn. I'm not surprised at how hard she fought . . . kicking and screaming. She wanted to live.” Brittany passed away on December 22, 2003, from infection following surgery for complications of PNH.

A Poem to Brittany from her sister Avery


Rebecca was diagnosed with PNH after losing her third child, Ryan, to stillbirth. Her frustration at finding little information about PNH fueled a search for doctors who could answer her questions about the disease and for other patients to talk with. She began the PNH board in 1999 to keep in touch with the few patients she had found. Others discovered and joined the group, and today we have members all over the world. Rebecca lost her battle with PNH on July 29, 2003, after developing Budd-Chiari syndrome, a complication of PNH. Dearest to her of all she left behind were her husband, Brian, and her children, Joshua and Marilyn.


Matt lived by his motto, “Love life, persevere to its challenges, and share your gifts with others.” Throughout the process of his bone marrow transplant, he confronted many challenges and fought hard to overcome them. Matt passed away on July 17, 2003, from complications following his bone marrow transplant.

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