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Art passed away July 2002 after 2 years of a hard battle with his PNH and MDS. By his side all the time was his wife Maritza (pictured too). Even though the battle was long, their love for each other was/is never ending.

Passed away May 30, 2002

Ericís mother described him as ďa wonderful person. They used to call him the mail order kid. They said when you ordered a perfect kid on the phone you got Eric in the mail.Ē Eric had a short and fierce battle with PNH. He developed Budd-Chiari syndrome and passed away on May 30, 2002. He is pictured here with his sister, Terra. Eric left behind his wife, Jessica, and their son, Eric Jr., who was born 5 months after his father died.

Passed away April 2002

Mandy was a lovely young woman who struggled with PNH for 2 years. In spite of her pain and frequent illnesses, she attended college and looked toward the future. Mandy passed away on April 20, 2002, after brain surgery. She loved butterflies, and every butterfly is a reminder of her.

March 2002

Katrin was a 6th grade teacher who was working on a masterís degree for librarian certification. She loved music, books, traveling, and new adventures. Katrin passed away on March 5, 2002, from complications following a bone marrow transplant.

Passed away 01/24/02

Asif passed away on January 24, 2002. He was a gentle, much-loved member of this group. Throughout his difficult course with PNH, he strove hard to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. He approached each setback with determination to overcome it and go on with living.

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